Final Rankings

The following are the final rankings for the 2016 GVGAI Level Generation competition:

Rank Username Country Percentage Preferred (%) Description Generator Screenshots
1easabladeNew Zealand 36DescriptionDownload easablade
2bhorn82287Afghanistan 12DescriptionDownload bhorn82287
2JnichoUnited Kingdom 12DescriptionDownload Jnicho
4Number13Germany 8DescriptionDownload Number13

Level Generators Submitted:

RankUsernameDescriptionCountryTotal ScoreAvatar ConstraintGoal ConstraingNum Sprites ConstraintSolution Lenght ConstraintDo Nothing Constraint
1easabladeDescriptionNew Zealand 511111
2Number13DescriptionGermany 511111
3random SampleDescriptionUnited Kingdom 511111
4JnichoDescriptionUnited Kingdom 511111
5genetic SampleDescriptionUnited Kingdom 511111
6bhorn82287DescriptionAfghanistan 4.551110.551
7constructive SampleDescriptionUnited Kingdom 3.40510.50.50.4051
* Note: These are orientative rankings sorted by scores in the constraints. They do not represent the final rankings of the competition.

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